We have had several requests for an update on the Official Plan Committee's recommendations to County Council.  The Committee met for the final time on February 17th and the last draft of their discussions is found here .   There is no question that they worked long and hard on this project BUT unfortunately they have not addressed many problems that were identified in the legal letter ( click here for the letter).  A summary of those problem areas is found in the document below.  The items highlighted in yellow are areas that the Committee has addressed.  We are indeed grateful for those changes ... but as you can see there are MANY other issues that have been overlooked. 

It is for that reason that Concerned Landowners Legal Defence started the sign campaign. 
If these risks to our private property rights are not addressed, this draft Official Plan must be scrapped!  One hundred signs were ordered, have arrived and should start appearing over the weekend.  Another print run is planned for next week.  If you are concerned about these serious issues, below, please order a sign, install it and draw the councillors' attention to these important issues. 
Click here for instructions on ordering a sign.  Click here for the County Councillor's contact information.

Concerned Landowners Legal Defence

What Must Change in the draft Lambton County Official Plan
Countering Objections to the
Official Plan Appeal